Chubby’s Carpenter Pencils are made of 100% recycled plastics (no trees were hurt) – the first ever carpenter pencil made from recycled plastic.

It was originally designed for masons to make small measurements and level brick and stones in tight corners of a building near soffits where torpedo levels can’t fit. The pencil has an integrated magnet so that it can be attached to a steel component or scaffold and not get lost.

Our research has found that this carpenter pencil has many uses – from levelling stringers, marking and levelling ceramic tile, installing electrical devices such as boxes, outlets and fixtures – the pencil does it all. Last but not least, Carpenters love them! It’s a “must-have” for the tradesman’s toolbox.

Lead quality: Our pencils last longer because we use graphite which last 3 times longer than normal lead pencils.

Sizes and Availability: The pencil is available in 7 and 9 inch lengths, in 100 count boxes, convienient 10 packs, and single pencils.